Access to Justice for LGBTQIA Persons Story Circle (Harare)

Event date: February 3, 2024

Join us for an empowering and immersive experience as we utilize the power of storytelling in our project focused on violence, safety, and security experienced by LGBTQIA girls in Zimbabwe. Story circles are participatory sessions where individuals gather to share personal narratives within specific thematic areas. These circles provide a safe and confidential space for LGBTQIA girls to explore and discuss their experiences of violence, intersectionality of identities, and strategies of resistance. Through these storytelling sessions, we aim to shed light on the different facets of violence faced by LGBTQIA girls, raise awareness, and collectively work towards creating safer environments. Join us in these transformative story circles and be a part of building resistance and strategies for the safety and security of LGBTQIA girls in Zimbabwe.

Access to Justice: This story circle will delve into the challenges LGBTQIA girls face when seeking justice for violence experienced in Zimbabwe. Participants will discuss the intersectionality of identities and how it relates to their experiences, share personal stories, and identify strategies to improve access to justice within the legal system.